A conference in North Sydney was the trigger for Mathew Holland of Bizpanel to book a corporate portrait session for himself and his team.”It’s hard to get us all together in the same place” was his motivation. We did individual portraits and a group shot at our office in Mount St. We steered away from the usual white background using the ambient space to create a more individual, friendly, approachable look.
Bizpanel are a firm of Financial consultants based in Gordon on the North Shore who help people looking to buy a franchise. http.//


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Appen Butler Hill

A corporate portrait shoot for Appen Butler Hill in their offices at Chatwsood grew into photographic session that gave an overview of the company. Appen and Butler Hill recently merged. This was the catalyst for requiring updated portraits. The brief was to create a similarity in look to previously commisioned portraits. We liked, and stayed with, the interesting coloured background theme, whilst using the type of theatrical style lighting that we love at Shoot On Site. We were very happy with the outcome, it’s a pleasure to be given the room to do creative photography.

Appen Butler Hill are Global Leaders in Linguistic Solutions. They offer their clients the most complete and high-quality linguistic solutions, whether it be in the speech domain or search and text analytics.


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A corporate portrait shoot for Robin Durham and his sales team at Telechoice, a mobile and telecommunications franchise located in the Westfield shopping centre at Eastgardens. With extensive experience in the telecommunications industry, Robin has seen that it’s primarily about having the best possible team, that leads to his business success. In the time it took us to set up we noticed already the friendly and engaging atmosphere in the shop. A pleasure to do business with, Thank you Robin. Contact : (02) 9344 4222

With the constraints of setting up a photography shoot in a busy shopping centre and a shop open for business, we opted for a simple lighting setup drawing warmth and drama into the photograph by using an interesting angle (ladder needed) combined with longer exposures to bring in the ambient light (everyone keep very still).




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Well Well Well

Our photography shoot at the Chiropractic clinic of Dr. Euan McMilan. His practice, Well Well Well is located in Elizabeth Street, Sydney. Dr Euan describes himself as a gentle chiropractor, believing that strong manipulation is unnecessary in achieving fantastic results. I have heard some of his patients describe how they finally gained relief after trying many other avenues.

We advocated a more creative lighting style to add that degree of theatricality that makes a photograph more compelling to the viewer. Dr. Euan embraced this idea making the shoot, though more technically challenging, much more interesting, with a better result than the easier overlit version.

Corporate Portrait Well Well WellCorporate Portrait 3                             Corporate Portrait 2

Well Well Well








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