Well Well Well

Our photography shoot at the Chiropractic clinic of Dr. Euan McMilan. His practice, Well Well Well is located in Elizabeth Street, Sydney. Dr Euan describes himself as a gentle chiropractor, believing that strong manipulation is unnecessary in achieving fantastic results. I have heard some of his patients describe how they finally gained relief after trying many other avenues.


We advocated a more creative lighting style to add that degree of theatricality that makes a photograph more compelling to the viewer. Dr. Euan embraced this idea making the shoot, though more technically challenging, much more interesting, with a better result than the easier overlit version.

Corporate Portrait Well Well WellCorporate Portrait 3                             Corporate Portrait 2

Well Well Well








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3 thoughts on “Well Well Well

  1. Well, well, well done. I like the casual moments you’ve captured wiuth the children, too. These pictures certainly give a good feel for Euan’s friendly demeanour and approachability. Great for him to use on his website and marketing collateral.

  2. I have attended his practice and am under treatment. Euan is very professional and does take great pride in his work. Well done.

  3. Brett, if you can make Euan look good, you are a genius! 🙂

    Love your work, hope to have a project for you soon,

    Cheers, Toby

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