A corporate portrait shoot for Robin Durham and his sales team at Telechoice, a mobile and telecommunications franchise located in the Westfield shopping centre at Eastgardens. With extensive experience in the telecommunications industry, Robin has seen that it’s primarily about having the best possible team, that leads to his business success. In the time it took us to set up we noticed already the friendly and engaging atmosphere in the shop. A pleasure to do business with, Thank you Robin. Contact : (02) 9344 4222

With the constraints of setting up a photography shoot in a busy shopping centre and a shop open for business, we opted for a simple lighting setup drawing warmth and drama into the photograph by using an interesting angle (ladder needed) combined with longer exposures to bring in the ambient light (everyone keep very still).




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  1. Brett, love that Robin’s personality comes through. That he is friendly and all about service, and all about business,

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